Benefits of CCTV analytics

Enhance customer and visitor satisfaction, optimise sales and heighten security

Video Analytics Solutions for retail, high footfall venues and public spaces

Benefits of CCTV analytics is vast and can give businesses a full insight into their stores or spaces.

Retailers, venue operators and public space managers know their business, their products, their stores and spaces, and their customers/visitors, but are always hungry for more business intelligence and customer/visitor insight.

Retail is one of the most established commercial sectors; it is also one of the most competitive and among the fastest changing. High footfall tourist locations compete for business; while public sector officials have responsibilities and a duty of care for businesses and the public in their boroughs.

Benefits of CCTV analytics

Facit helps retailers and venue operators to observe events and implement change based on accurate reports. Facit’s customers are able to observe customer behaviour, interpret events and respond proactively in order to maximise staff productivity, enhance customer satisfaction and optimise sales.

Our solutions are cost-effective and easily installed. Facit empowers users to extract maximum value from legacy CCTV infrastructure, such as security surveillance equipment, so that what has traditionally been viewed as protection, security or shrinkage data can be used to improve operations, achieve competitive advantage or assure compliance.

Facit provides its core solutions ‘out of the box’ and also works with customers to develop bespoke video data analytics solutions tailored to specific needs and in-house technology. To gain further insight into ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ behaviour – the physical and psychological well-being of a facility or managed estate – contact Facit for demo, ROI analysis, consultancy or product trials.

Following two years of research & Development Facit Data Systems is able to offer you an efficient, cost-effective analytics toolset:

  • Uses your installed security surveillance equipment to provide you with accurate, actionable data around real-time customer journeys and customer/colleague interactions.
  • For most installations, no additional hardware costs.
  • High quality data set with demonstrable accuracy levels.
  • Actionable insights to inform improvements to customer journeys and “moments of truth”.
  • Generates insight into best conversion practices to help focus sales campaigns.
  • Footfall, queue management, heat mapping and location monitoring are just some of the areas in which we can provide data on driving superior staff scheduling and customer experience.
  • Intuitive easy-to-use dashboard makes assimilating insights easy.
Benefits of CCTV analytics - CCTV analytics
Video Customer Analytics
Benefits of CCTV analytics - Heat Mapping
Journey Mapping through Heat Mapping - CCTV analytics

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