Job Title: Business Development Consultants: Analytics

Location: Spain / Portugal, France, Italy, Australia, United States / North America

Salary: TBA

Term: Consultant

From our start in 2014, through to today Facit has been developing and deploying our video analytic products, during 2018 we introduced our Video Redaction product range and most recently our Document Redaction application has been released to the market in November 2020.

As our next phase of the business development we are looking for a few key individuals to facilitate our growth in specific areas of the world, where we would like you to already based.

You will already have experience in working with one or more of the Global VMS platform providers, or Camera manufacturers, combined with an active network of Distributors and or Solution Integrators within your Region.

The overall objective of these roles is the attainment of local projects using one or more Facit component in their delivery.

The Role of Business Development Consultant:

  • Create and develop positive relationships with Regional Operational Business Units of Global VMS and Camera manufacturers.
  • Engage in the regional channel of these businesses at Distributor and SI Level, signing businesses at this level to the Facit label and supporting specific projects.
  • Determine and implement regional sales plan, for both existing and new product ranges, looking to create new verticals for the new products, whilst complimenting the old.
  • Provide monthly forecasts on activity and revenues, which will be included in Group reporting. In the first instance please respond to Quoting “Business Development Consultant” in the Subject line.

It is envisioned that this role would be based at home. Reporting directly to the Sales Director.

The role will have a monthly feedback session with the Line Manager.

After consultation, the Company would prioritise the Key components of the role as:

Core Deliverable – Channel Management Development

  • Support the Facit team in defining and producing appropriate sales tools for Channel Partners, focussing on People Counting, Live Video Redaction and Post Video Redaction products.
  • Defining and building a process to support these Partners
  • Define the most suitable Targets for Channel Partners, criteria etc.
  • Initiate Introductions to prospective Channel Partners fitting the new criteria.
  • Assist in the onboarding of 6-10 of these new partners in 2021.
  • Support the Facit Team in specific Project management and delivery of a relevant Opportunity.
  • Support the team in managing the project successfully to a post-trial position.
  • Assist in the ongoing negotiations of Integrators onboarding process to ensure a balanced and fair arrangements can be crafted.
  • Design and craft the value add, developing successful arguments to engage the integrators at multi levels within their organisations.
  • Complete the successful onboarding and successful trading of the targets.

It is envisioned that these activities can be worked on in parallel and simultaneously.

It is expected that the Consultant will work with Management in a structured way prioritising the necessary work plans as workload and time allows, accepting all reasonable instruction.

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