Digital Signage effectiveness evaluation

Monitor Your Digital Signage performance

The retail and tourism sectors are among the most prominent sectors that deploy digital signage to provide information and to advertise in order to market and promote products, services and events. The digital signage market size is estimated to double in the next 5 years.

Digital Signage effectiveness evaluation is important for businesses to understand how effective and engaging promotional content is for their customers.

Digital Signage effectiveness evaluation is easy to achieve with Facit Heatmap, combined with a Facial Recognition application, which enables businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of the position and content of digital advertisements. Our IdentityCloak application ensures that all data is fully compliant with Data Protection laws.

Facit software uses your current camera network to calculate customer dwell time in strategic areas. It also combines facial information to calculate customer engagement time along with other demographic information such as Age/Gender.

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Digital Signage effectiveness evaluation

Facit Heat Map identifies hot spots of activity in public spaces providing you with actionable data.

Digital Signage effectiveness evaluation

Facit Identity Cloak gives affordable speedy in-house auto video redaction for GDPR compliance.

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