Facit Data Systems Real Time Occupancy Smart Count Has Been successfully integrated into Milestone Systems

Milestone press release

Here at Facit Data Systems we are working hard to bring you some exciting new products and upgrades for 2021, such as our new Milestone Systems plug in, Smart Count. ​

Working closely with our trusted partner we wanted to intergrate our smart, quick and cost-effective occupancy solution into their Milestone X Protect Smart Client, which was successfully integrated at the beginning of the year.

Smart Count is a simple and effective solution that plugs into the existing CCTV network and determines real-time, accurate headcount of people in buildings or venues, which can now be redacted to follow GDPR guidelines. Facit take the feed directly from Milestone with no direct connection to the cameras, further enhancing the effectiveness of the integration.

We have been overhelmed with its success so far, with companies across 3 different continents benefiting, making our system one of the only plug ins that can offer you an  industry-approved  occupancy management system that you can totally trust! 

For more information please contact Chris Selwood for more information – chris.selwood@facitdatasystems.com