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As we come out of lockdown organisations will have a duty of care to follow their local government guidelines while keeping their customers and staff safe! Failing to do so could be an expensive mistake.

We have been working on a solution where organisations will be able to ensure their buildings are operating within the rules and regulations in the most cost-effective manner possible. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the release of Our Next Generation People Counting.

Via our webcast, Chris will demonstrate how the new easy to setup system will work on your existing CCTV, and answer any questions you may have about occupation challenges in your organisation or sector. Use the form below to view the webcast.

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Chris Selwood – Sales Director

Chris has nearly 20 years of experience delivering front line queue management and people counting solutions for international brands. Delivering solutions to organisations in Public, Finance, Retail and Health. Building long term partnerships with customers delivering real value to their organisations