Facit Milestone Video Redaction Plug-in

7th Apr 2020 at 16:00 (GMT +1)

Identity Cloak makes video privacy compliance simple and cost effective.

Facit Data Systems is delighted to announce its partnership with Milestone Systems, and the verification of the seamless integration of its Identity Cloak video redaction software into Milestone’s XProtect Client. Identity Cloak is the only Milestone verified video redaction software.

Identity Cloak is a product that enables users to irreversibly redact (obscure) all but the person(s) of interest from video footage, so that video can be shared compliantly with third party agencies such as the police, insurance companies and anyone making a subject access request.

This 30 minute webinar will cover key points surrounding Facit Milestone Video Redaction plug-in. Chris will demonstrate how Facit Video Redaction plug-in is seamlessly integrated into the Milestone XProtect Client and its key features.

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Chris Selwood – Sales Director

Chris has nearly 20 years of experience delivering front line queue management and people counting solutions for international brands. Delivering solutions to organisations in Public, Finance, Retail and Health. Building long term partnerships with customers delivering real value to their organisations

Please note we intent to use Microsoft Teams for this session. Please make sure you have necessary software to join this session.