Facit’s Identity Cloak trusted by leading vendor Honeywell to deliver GDPR redaction

Honeywell trust facit's software

Facit Data Systems’ video redaction GDPR compliance software, Identity Cloak, is trusted by leading vendors. We are delighted to have our product featured on the Honeywell Marketplace where it stands alone as an in-house solution that enables organisations to take full control of their CCTV and video data privacy obligations.

We are delighted that Facit products meet the exacting quality standards of respected vendors and we value Honeywell’s support for Identity Cloak.

Identity Cloak is a winner on multiple fronts:
• ease of use makes it popular with software operators
• speed and accuracy ensures timely GDPR compliance
• our software pricing greatly reduces the cost of outsourced video editing

The ICO recently published a list of privacy breaches in its Data Security Industry trends. There were 91 incidents of ‘failure to redact’, which means that more and more smart operators see the value of taking proactive steps to meet privacy regulations and subject access requests (SARs).

If you have concerns about GDPR compliance, potential fines or high redaction costs, see what Facit’s video redaction GDPR compliance software, Identity Cloak, can do for you. Check Honeywell Marketplace or visit our website.

video redaction GDPR compliance software
Video redaction and GDPR

Under the new GDPR regulation, video data is categorised as personal data, which means the same measure of care is required for recorded CCTV footage as for any other personal data. Investing in technologies that automate privacy protection helps companies to comply with the new GDPR regulations, painlessly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Facit Data System’s proprietary video redaction blurs people identifying features, and reduces high-risk data to a low-risk category, while it enables operators to analyse video footage without violating anyone’s privacy.

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