Heat map software helps you learn where your customers or site visitors go once they enter your store or venue, what aisles or attractions they head to, where they spend most time and where purchases are made.

The Heat Map software will allow you at a glance to be able to see what products or locations are acting as ‘honeypots’ and tailor your plans for different store, merchandise and venue layouts.

Heat Map data is created at each current installed CCTV camera location and then combined into a floor plan visualisation that enables better analysis and understanding of ‘product’ placement.

Heat Map works over your legacy CCTV installation and helps you to maximise security camera investments by generating business intelligence for a only a nominal additional cost.

This sophisticated yet accessible mapping solution provides real-time information about customer/visitor behaviour, trends and patterns that is otherwise only accessible with expensive hardware solutions.

Heat Map Key Features


Customer Dwell Time

Unlike conventional heat maps that provide information based on the time customers spend in your store or your venue, Facit HeatMap combines the dwell time information with customer/visitor spread, which produces a better understanding of customer/visitor behaviour.


Traffic Count

HeatMap provides detail on how many people visited specific areas across your entire retail space or venue, over any specified time period. This information can help you to build a time profile and intelligence about popularity, stock control or sales staff allocation.


Journey Mapping and Graphical Reports

HeatMap highlights the most popular paths customers take through your retail space or venue. Visually rich, graphical reports provide an excellent breakdown of key locations and customer routes through your store/venue


Physical/Non-Physical Interaction with Products

Identify customer/visitor physical and non-physical interaction with, for example, product lines for better understanding of sales conversion rates.

Heat Mapping infographic

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