Heatmap People Tracking

HeatMap people tracking visualisation software

Facit HeatMap people tracking software enables you to track visitors and customers to determine their preferences. Learn where your customers or site visitors go once they enter your facility, what products or attractions they head for, where they spend longer periods of time, where purchases are made, or where they abandon their journey. HeatMap grpahical reports give managers valuable insight into people's behaviour specific sites.

Facit HeatMap people tracking software gives you at-a-glance, colour-coded insights into what products or locations are acting as ‘honeypots’ so that you can tailor your merchandise layout plans or venue routing to reflect customer preferences.

HeatMap people tracking data is created at any installed CCTV camera location and subsequently combined with a floor plan visualisation that facilitates better analysis and understanding of ‘product’ placement, customer pathways and public thoroughfares.

Heatmap tracking software works cost-effectively over your current CCTV installation and enables you to maximise security camera investments by generating business intelligence, with minimal additional costs.

This sophisticated yet accessible people mapping visualisation software provides real-time information about customer/visitor behaviour, trends and patterns that is otherwise only accessible with expensive hardware solutions.

Facit: pure video analytics technology

Facit analytics rely on high accuracy capture channels rather than unreliable Wi-Fi data. The use of in-store, in-venue and public cameras to extract customer/visitor insights guarantees first-rate results. Facit Data Systems’ technology is based on video content analysis. As a result, Facit analytics solutions provide industry-leading data accuracy in all product categories.

Facit HeatMap analytics software is compatible with the majority of CCTV hardware. No additional hardware budget is required if you are already monitoring your sites using CCTV cameras.

HeatMap Key Features

  • 1

    Visualise Customer Dwell Time

    Facit HeatMap people tracking visualisation software combines dwell time information with customer/visitor spread, which produces a superior understanding of customer/visitor behaviour than competing counting products.

  • 2

    Traffic Count Coded Visualisation

    HeatMap people tracking software gives traffic flow detail for specific locations areas in retail or venue space, over specified time periods. This customer/visitor information helps you to build time profiles and intelligence about product popularity, stock control and resource allocation.

  • 3

    Journey Mapping Graphical Visualisation

    HeatMap people tracking visualisation software highlights the most popular paths customers take through your retail space or venue. Visually rich, graphical reports provide an excellent breakdown of key locations and customer routes through your store/venue

  • 4

    Physical and Non-Physical Interaction, Visualisation and Analytics

    Identify customer/visitor physical and non-physical interaction with, for example, product lines for better understanding of 'event' popularity and sales conversion rates.

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