Video Redaction Software - Identity Cloak

Become a reseller of this fast identity masking software

Consultants, systems integrators and security installers add value to their core services by introducing Identity Cloak in-house video redaction software to their retail, banking, transport and critical infrastructure clients. Become a reseller of this fast identity masking software now.

Facit IdentityCloak does not require special technical training. Your clients will not need heavy support. Your clients will quickly enjoy the speed and simplicity of Identity cloak auto redaction (facial and full body blurring/masking), and the cost savings delivered.

Talk to Facit about its portfolio of products for retail analytics, in which Identity Cloak is proving popular among businesses trying to comply with and minimise the operational impact of GDPR.

Facit Identity Cloak – speedy auto redaction, sensibly licensed

Identity Cloak makes compliance simple, very fast, and cost effective as it eliminates costly bureau outsourced editing and manual processes typical of other masking software

  • Video footage is subject to strict personal privacy regulations, including GDPR
  • Identity Cloak makes compliance simple, fast and cost effective
  • Eliminate costly outsourced masking and manual processes
  • Speed up access to CCTV video evidence
  • Facilitate due process, investigation and evidence sharing
  • Store in-house video records safely and securely

Meet police and third party requests for video to internal investigations – triggers include crime and staff behaviour

Facit’s customers include retailers, high footfall venues, facility management firms, and mobile security operators for stadia and events. Any site with wide access and high footfall faces the challenge to manage large volumes of video footage and prepare and share in a compliant manner on demand.

Facit’s customers identify crime, health and safety, anti-social behaviour and staff conduct as the incidents most commonly associated with requests for CCTV video footage.

Facit Identity Cloak enables users to mask any areas in a video to protect the privacy of individuals. Auto redaction takes approximately a fifth of the time of historical manual processes and reduces the costs associated with security and compliance.