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Identity Cloak makes GDPR privacy compliance simple and cost effective

Eliminate costly outsourced masking and manual processes

CCTV video regulations – staff monitoring and surveillance. CCTV regulation staff monitoring under GDPR, employers are entitled to monitor employee workplace activity if they have a lawful basis for doing so and the purpose of their monitoring is clearly communicated to employees in advance.

Employers cannot rely on consent to process employee data.

Legitimate reasons to monitor employees in the workplace
There are many legitimate business reasons why employers monitor employees using CCTV. Lawful bases of monitoring include keeping employees safe and secure by preventing crime, preventing employee misconduct, ensuring compliance with health and safety procedures, monitoring and improving productivity, and in some cases such as the financial services sector, complying with regulatory requirements.

Use IdentityCloak to comply cost-effectively
Identity Cloak is a simple in-house system that enables you to auto-mask identities and produce redacted video footage very quickly and cost-effectively.

CCTV video regulations – staff monitoring and surveillance

Video redaction and GDPR
Under the new GDPR regulation, video data is categorised as personal data, which means the same measure of care is required for recorded CCTV footage as for any other personal data. Investing in technologies that automate privacy protection helps companies to comply with the new GDPR regulations, painlessly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Facit Data System’s proprietary video redaction blurs people identifying features, and reduces high-risk data to a low-risk category, while it enables operators to analyse video footage without violating anyone’s privacy.

Organisations can be fined up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20 Million, whichever is greater, if they are found to be in breach of the new rules

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