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Eliminate costly outsourced masking and manual processes

Fulfilling GDPR requirements using redaction is a compliance feature that people may not be familiar with. Redaction is a feature that can be useful when implemented in business and data protection strategies. Redaction can serve your business in complying with the new GDPR regulations for protecting EU citizens from businesses using their data irresponsibly.

What is redaction?

Redaction blocks sensitive information in a video or document by blurring it, removing it or replacing it. The most common form of Fulfilling GDPR requirements using redaction is within CCTV video privacy protection is blurring, or masking, known as anonymizing. Anonymization: visual data anonymization is a type of information sanitisation intended to protect privacy. It involves completely obscuring (masking, blocking) sensitive information, and that information cannot be restored.

While it may be easier and cheaper to simply delete all related records, instead of redacting them, redaction can serve you in cases where deleting the information isn’t feasible, or isn’t legally permissible. 

GDPR and redaction

GDPR is a regulation applied to all EU countries as of 2018 that is designed to protect EU citizens from businesses using their data irresponsibly. It puts the subject of the data – namely, the person who the data describes or portrays – in charge of what personal data may be shared, where and how.

GDPR was enacted because of the idea of the ‘right to be forgotten’ whereby any individual may contact your business asking for their personal information to be deleted from all your systems within a certain time frame.

If your organisation has no legal reason to continue holding this person’s information in your database, you must provide evidence that this information no longer remains in any of your systems. This means that you must first identify any reference to this individual in video – or a contract, email or any documents referring to their profile – then delete Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within it.

Redaction provides an easy-to-implement process to comply with GDPR without requiring you to suppress relevant information or delete an entire record. 

Facit IdentityCloak enables you to share GDPR compliant redacted CCTV video footage

Identity Cloak makes in-house GDPR CCTV video compliance fast and simple

  • Mask identities for GDPR compliance using auto-redaction; no special skills required
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  • Cost-effective GDPR-compliant redaction software licensing

Eliminate costly outsourced GDPR video editing bureau services and manual processes

Simple 3 step redaction process

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    Import Video

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