Video Redaction Software - Identity Cloak

Facit Data Systems – Video Redaction software FAQs

If you would like to learn more about our IdentityCloak software because keep reading for our Video Redaction software FAQs.

Q: Is the software offered as installed product or SaaS?
A: The software is currently offered as an installed project on a workstation. It can run on both Linux and Windows OS (Windows7/10 Pro). The recommended specs for the workstation are Intel i7 with 8GB RAM.

Q: How is this software different from any other video editing tools?
A: The aim of the software is to reduce user time by at least 80% as compared to conventional video editing tools. We have taken a slightly different approach to other software. In conventional video editing tools, all the individuals in the video are un-masked and users have to manually anonymize one by one. Facit Identity Cloak on the other hand anonymizes every single individual in the video footage and then allows user to un-mask the person(s) of interest by simple tag and track functionality.

Q: Is the degree of blurring and size of the blur configurable?
A: Yes, the software is easy for users to setup and fully flexible in terms of the size and degree of blur.

Q: Does the software work on playback footage or can it also be used on live view?
A: The Facit Identity Cloak application is server based and is designed to work on recorded footage. The masking function is applied in post processing on the footage. However, Facit also have “FacitIDCLive” that is available Out of the Box on the Hanwha/Samsung WiseNET5 application as well as Axis ACAP. “FacitIDCLive” allows users to record masked and un-masked footage using their VMS. For more information on “FacitIDCLive” please get in touch with our support team.

Q: On the movie clip on the Facit website, all the faces are blurred. How can a user un-mask one person while leaving the others masked?
A: Using Tag & Track functionality the user is able to unmask any individual in the video footage. It is a very simple process in which the user is asked to click on the person on keyframes in the footage and the software automatically leaves the selected person un-masked.

Q: GDPR also talks about the “right to be forgotten” – Article 17. Does the software handle this too? E.g. one person wants to use their right but there are 10 other people on the recording. What then?
A: Yes, the software also helps users keep the footage while ensuring Article 17 is met. Using the same Tag & Track functionality the software allows users to mask any individual(s) who wants to exercise their right to be forgotten while keeping the other individuals un-masked.

Q: Can the software work with existing VMS/DVR/NVR?
A: The software is completely independent of the recording platform. It is installed as a separate piece of software on the workstation. It currently takes an AVI (mpeg4 codec) file as input and exports an AVI file as output, as its default configuration.

If you use alternative codecs in your organisations please contact the Facit team directly, who will be happy to assist in discussing your specific requirements.

Q: Why as a CCTV user do I need this software when I don’t have much requirement to share the footage outside my organisation?
A: The software allows users to reduce their risk and help them comply with the new GDPR regulations. Even though organisations might not have a need to share data with a 3rd party, they are required to put adequate policies in place, together with procedures and tools, to allow who can access and view the recorded footage. Since recorded data is now classified as personal data, the same measure of care is required for recorded CCTV footage as for any other personal data. Facit’s Identity Cloak application gives organisations extra security features and reduces risk.

Recommended Hardware

Operating System Windows Pro 7/10
Processor Intel Core i7
Free Disk Space 50 GB
Browser Chrome
Input File Format .avi .mp4 .mkv .vob
Codecs MJPEG,MPEG-4,H.264,x264,FLV