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Facit IdentityCloak GDPR Redaction Software Tested

Author: Robert Shih. Published November, 2018

The advent of GDPR fines for releasing personal information has increased interest in video redaction software. One of contending solutions is the UK’s Facit Data Sytems’s Identity Cloak.

IPVM tested the performance of Identity Cloak software against Genetec’s Clearance face redaction.

Redaction software performance summary
Identity Cloak functions as a secure offline operation and was solid for redacting individuals. Overall automatic redaction performance was superior to Genetec Clearance. Price, performance and value are considered in this comparison document.

General Identity Cloak Overview

The interface of Identity Cloak follows a wizard-style progression beginning with the “Import” interface and followed by “Tag & Track”, “Zoom”, “Preview”, then “Export.” Identity Cloak can handle source videos in .avi, .mp4, .mkv, and .vob formats. Exported videos are in .avi format.

Detection On High Resolution, Narrow FoV is very Strong
Using video taken from a front perspective, narrow FoV camera, Identity Cloak was able to detect multiple faces and also detected and applied privacy overlay to a passing vehicle’s license plate.

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Identity Cloak does exactly what it says on the tin - it provides the exact redaction software package we required
William Hill Leading bookmakers

William Hill says video redaction is a ‘must-have’
William Hill operates more than 1200 High Street outlets. They identify video redaction as a ‘must-have’ in order to operate smoothly, to meet third party requests for CCTV footage in a compliant fashion, and to conduct fair, proper and compliant internal reviews.