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Automated Video Evidence Redaction

The high cost of redacting (masking) sensitive information for third party requests for video evidence is having an impact on commercial businesses, and public safety and judicial agencies. Yet redaction is required to comply with privacy regulations or to keep witnesses safe and comply with freedom of information laws and consent decrees.

Identity Cloak automatically detects faces and anonymizes people within a scene. It takes only minutes to redact all but the person(s) of interest, after which compliant video evidence can be shared to fulfil requests for video footage or support chain of custody requirements.

Accelerate Evidence Redaction Workflows with AI

High footfall venues, businesses, hospitals, law enforcement and judicial agencies can use identity Cloak to automate the process of obscuring identities in shared video footage or media evidence. Identity Cloak significantly reduces the time involved in frame-by-frame evidence redaction workflows and the cost of outsourced processes.

With automated detection and redaction, Identity Cloak enables users to process large volumes of video content quickly and efficiently.

Redaction for Court Cases (PII masking)

Complying with court procedures can be demanding. Identity Cloak enables users to redact personally identifiable information (PII) of individuals in video evidence to meet pressing court filing deadlines.

Changes in State video access laws

AB 748 gives public access to camera footage Under PRA. This Amendment to California law means public agencies have more responsibility to provide footage

With recent changes to legislaton the California public has a greater right to access police body camera footage, and any other audio or video recording acquired by any police agency or state prosecution office, under the Public Records Act with the passage of Assembly Bill 748. The law mandates that audio and visual recordings of “critical incidents” resulting in either the discharge of a firearm by law enforcement or in death or great bodily injury to a person from the use of force by law enforcement are to be made publicly available under the PRA within 45 days of the incident, with limited exceptions.

Canadian privacy laws

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada publishes guidelines on surveillance and monitoring that include video capture and the sharing of video footage. IdentityCloak helps users to comply with the Commission.

IdentityCloak out-performs competing software in independent tests

The interface of Identity Cloak follows a wizard-style progression beginning with the “Import” interface and followed by “Tag & Track”, “Zoom”, “Preview”, then “Export.” Identity Cloak can handle source videos in .avi, .mp4, .mkv, and .vob formats. Exported videos are in .avi format.

Simple 3 step redaction process

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    Import Video

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    Auto redact in seconds

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