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Whether you choose one, two or all three Facit analytics solutions, we load the software and help integrate it into your existing camera, NVR or DVR system. (Windows and Linux compatible).

Multiple benefits of Facit analytics solutions

  • No additional camera hardware required
  • Simple plug and play 'box' solution
  • Custom real-time reporting, easy-to-use reporting interface
  • Consultancy, advice and installation
  • Proven, growing portfolio of multi-national retailers and supermarkets

Implementing the Solution 

Implementing the Facit solutions has been made as simple as possible to enable our clients to deploy Facit across their retail estate and gain the benefits of portfolio-wide management information without disruption to stores that have already been fitted out and are trading. Facit solutions can be deployed using existing CCTV cameras, sometimes with a minor adjustment to the field of view. While IP cameras are the ideal platform, Facit is also able to be deployed using older analogue CCTV networks.


The Facit suite has been designed to be infinitely flexible in the way it connects information between stores and the management interface. There are connectivity solutions using a client's own network or cloud-based solutions, even wireless or cellular. In many cases, deploying Facit solutions estate-wide will require a combination of deployment methods, but when the information is consolidated at the management interface there is consistency of data.

So whether it is a PeopleCounter in just one store, or an international estate using the full Facit product suite, there is an easy and quick way to deploy these analytics solutions with minimum disruption to trading and with total scalability.


Intelligence at the Edge

We are working closely with leading camera manufacturers to integrate our PeopleCounter, QueueManager and HeatMap solutions directly onto their IP Cameras, which gives even greater flexibility by putting the intelligence at the edge and eliminating the need for any other in-store PC.


This means that a single store with one entrance can benefit from the Facit solutions, as much as a large portfolio of mixed sized stores in many locations. No matter how large, small or varied a retail estate is, there is a blend of Facit deployment methods that  enables our clients to benefit from Facit solutions with the minimum of disruption.


Flexible & Scalable

Facit analytics solutions are designed to be scalable and to work with all sizes of retail video surveillance network. Below are the hardware specifications that we use for a variety of camera network sizes.


No. of CamerasProcessorRAMHard Disk
8 Intel Core i3 4GB 500GB
16 Intel Core i5 4GB 500GB
32 Intel Core i5 8GB 500GB
64 Intel Core i7 8GB 1TB

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