Retail Intelligence

Retail Intelligence

Facit Data Systems has created the next generation of retail analytics, which combines multiple performance factors to give retailers a clear indication about where to focus their sales efforts.

Facit Data Systems is an international software company that helps retailers generate intelligence to create competitive advantage, build customer satisfaction and optimise sales by taking a proactive approach to resource planning and customer loyalty.

Facit systems are frequently deployed across store both I.P. and analogue cameras and legacy CCTV systems. Our retail analytics will be of particular interest to retailers, specialist retail integrators and electronic building management experts.

Contact Facit to see the very latest in store analytics that cross-reference customer numbers, revenues, average spend and queue waiting times to generate store ratings that give retailers accurate information on which to base important management decisions.

Retailers can also look at a new performance measure in the form of ‘missed opportunity’. Store-by-store retailers can evaluate missed sales opportunities based on people – as individuals or members of a group – who entered the store but did not buy a product and convert to a purchasing customer.

Facit systems enable retailers to observe, capture and track multiple sales factors and, most significantly, to identify which factor has priority. Facit reports clearly indicate to operators where to concentrate their efforts, whether on external factors to drive footfall, or internal factors to improve customer experience and average spend levels.

Benchmark information can be used on a store-by-store or aggregated basis, which enables close analysis by individual site, regionally and estate-wide. At a glance, retailers can see what the results would be if appropriate measures were taken to enable under-performing stores to achieve ‘average’ KPIs. Beyond that, retailers can see what affect it would have on revenues were more stores to achieve ‘model’ status.

Critically, the intelligence generated by Facit systems is tangible and pin-pointed, which gives it a powerful strategic function, and is the reason why Facit is generating excitement among a growing number of major retailers.

Store performance information that, at best, was hard to capture reliably, and took days or weeks to compile, is now accurate and available to management on demand.

Waqas Hassan, Managing Director at Facit Data Systems, says: During the past year Facit has installed a significant number of analytics solutions and retailers are excited by the unprecedented amount of detailed, yet simple to interpret, actionable information.”

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