Occupancy & Face Mask Detection Solution

Discover smart people counting software to determine real-time, accurate headcount of people in your building or venue, whose personal video data can also be redacted (face blurring). Use Facit’s next generation People Counter software to monitor and manage the occupancy levels accurately inside and outside any commercial building, place of work, shop, tourist venue or transport hub  

Occupancy software, Facit’s Smart Count Technology has been rolled out and proven to be effective on 3 continents, which makes Facit one of the few companies that can offer you an  industry-approved occupancy management system that you can  totally trust! 

Covid-19 Update: Get your business moving and comply with guidelines. Maintain the optimum number of people in your building, and create a safe environment for all. Facit is also pleased to announce the introduction of face mask detection, which is available with our occupancy solution or on its own.  

Smart Count enables retailers and venue operators to measure occupancy numbers from the start of a customer’s journey, track customer trends, and monitor potential health and safety management issues, such as occupancy issues that breach social distancing guidelines or present risks over-crowding. 

Smart Count works over your installed CCTV cameras, with no additional hardware requirements. Following no-nonsense installation, the Smart Count people counter algorithm provides a completely reliable real-time record of customers, staff and visitors inside and outside any place of place of work, shop, tourist venue or transport hub. 

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Face mask detection

Breaking news! 

The government continues advise strict guidelines surrounding COVID-19 and the use of face masks. Facit is pleased to announce the introduction of face mask detection, which is available with our occupancy solution or on its own.

Keep your customers and staff safe with Facit. 

Stop & Go system

Stop & Go system.

To maximise customer flow and comply with Covid-19 social distancing guidelines, with a verified headcount, you can also introduce a simple, effective ‘Stop’ Go’ traffic light system to admit people when it is safe (and compliant) to do so. Free your staff from ushering duties to work on higher value tasks. 

Software Benefits

  • Easy installation
  • Works on existing CCTV
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Face mask detection
  • Accurate
  • Views large areas
  • Customer safety
  • AI based
  • Runs on CPU
  • Works indoors and out

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We can help you achieve more with your CCTV cameras; Retailers, venue operators and public space managers know their business, however, our full video anayltics suite including QueueManager and HeatMap can give you all the data you need … including occupancy numbers to manage Covid-19 distancing.

Digital Signage effectiveness evaluation

Facit Heat Map identifies hot spots of activity in public spaces providing you with actionable data.

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Facit Queue Manager auto-calculates the occupancy level at retail tills and venue check outs.

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