Safe, Simple, Accurate

Real Time Occupancy Solution

The simple, cost-effective solution that plugs into your existing CCTV; Our People Counting software determines real-time, accurate headcount of people in your building or venue, which can now be redacted to follow GDPR guidelines.

Works On Your Existing CCTV

Our People Counting application plugs simply into your installed CCTV and gives you accurate footfall records.


Our next-generation People Counting Technology has been rolled out and proven to be effective in 3 Continent

Be GDPR Compliant 

Our occupancy system redacts in real-time to eliminates the risks of privacy breaches as well as the high costs of processing video footage.

Safe: Keep your customers and staff safe following the occupancy guidelines from the government.

Simple: Easy to install software, that can be installed onto your existing CCTV set-up.

Accurate: Enjoy exceptionally wide fields of view and an accurate people count inside and outside any premise.

The counts seem to be a true reflection of the customer in store at any given time. The live count displayed directly on the screen is convenient for the store to review numbers and manage queues manually if necessary.
Major UK Grocery Retailer

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If you are interested in our Occupancy People Counting System, contact us for a free tutorial on the software and received a complimentary 30-day trial.

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