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People Counter Software, UK. Measure and monitor foot traffic

Facit’s PeopleCounter application operates over your current CCTV infrastructure to give you accurate, comprehensive footfall data. People counting is the start of many data investigations. Collecting and analysing data is Facit’s core business. Facit provides analytics systems to measure and monitor foot traffic and people movement in many commercial environments, from retail to finance, and public spaces to healthcare.

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Facit People Counter enables retailers and venue operators to monitor foot traffic and occupancy numbers from the start of a customer’s journey – for example, at a store entrance – track customer trends and anticipate potential health and safety management issues.

People Counter is a simple-to-install solution that enables managers accurately to count people entering a store, or visiting locations outside of a retail context, which helps with planning and resourcing, regulatory compliance, and seasonal, even daily trend analysis.

With no extra hardware requirement – including cabling – the people counting application works with your current CCTV network. Facit People Counter software provides highly accurate, anonymous information about how people move into, around, and out of physical places. People Counter works at each CCTV camera in retail stores, malls, banks, stadiums, transportation terminals and other high footfall locations to measure occupancy and people’s behaviours within the space. People Counter can be combined with Facit’s HeatMap to generate population density and dwell time visualisation reports.

People Counter Key Features

  • 1

    Accurate People Counting over CCTV

    Facit's People Counter application has been tried and tested in different sectors, including retail, leisure, banking, museums and transportation centres with very high accuracy. Using legacy CCTV networks, People Counter reduces costs and provides users with a highly flexible people counting software-based solution.

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    Group vs Single Visitor Analysis

    People Counter facilitates Group vs Single Visitor analysis. People Counter helps users to understand their visitor footfall better, to gain insight into visitor behaviour, as well as sales and other strategic conversion rates.

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    Average Dwell Time

    People Counter provides average visitor dwell time estimates to help users to understand the amount of time visitors spend in store and/or in key venue locations. People Counter dwell time data can subsequently be combined with the Facit Queue Management application to achieve better customer service, reduce waiting times at checkout, and optimise staff resources to reduce costs.

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    Point of Sales (PoS) Integration

    The Facit People Counter application can be integrated with any PoS data feed to give insights into conversion rates for retail businesses and high footfall locations.

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