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Make the most of your CCTV network. Facit People Counting application utilises your existing security infrastructure and give you accurate footfall. Retail environments are busy places in which it is difficult to track precise occupancy numbers, and associated times, that provide valuable insight into store visitor patterns, seasonal variations or the influence of promotions and other factors.


Facit People Counter enables retailers to measure occupancy numbers from the start of a customer's journey at a store entrance, track trends and anticipate potential health and safety management issues.


People Counter is a simple-to-install solution that enables managers accurately to count people entering a store, or visiting locations outside of a retail context, which helps with planning and resourcing, regulatory compliance, and seasonal, even daily trend analysis.


With no extra hardware requirement including cabling, the people counting applicaiton works with exisiting CCTV network. 





Accurate Counting

Facit People Counting application has been tried and tested in different sectors including retail, leisure, museums, galleries, train stations with very high accuracy. Using existing CCTV network, it reduces any hardware and labour costs giving user the fully flexible software solution.


Group vs Single Visitor Analysis

Group vs single visitor analysis help user understand their footfall traffic better giving them more accurate conversion rate. 


Average Dwell Time

Average visitor dwell time estimates help user understand the amount of time visitor spend. This data can then be combined with Facit Queue Management application for better customer service and reduce waiting times at the checkout. 


Point of Sales (PoS) Integration

Facit People Counting application can be integarted with any PoS data feed to give conversion rate for retail businesses. 


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