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The checkout or till area is a crucial part of the shopping experience. It's often where customer loyalty is won or lost. Customer abandonment is a high risk.

However, retailers can't simply have staff twiddling their thumbs in order to reduce the risk of losing customers.


Waiting times and queue length are major factors in the retail experience as they affect customer satisfaction, staff productivity and sales optimisation.


QueueManager incorporates a unique methodology that enables retailers to monitor operations, calculate the true impact of queue times and to take fast, effective action to reduce abandonment.


Facit integrates the queue management solution cost effectively with your existing camera network. Any time that predetermined queue levels are exceeded, a text, email or Facit Software alert is sent to store managers using the system. Armed with real-time knowledge, staff can make an informed decision, allocate more staff to checkouts or even close non-productive tills and directly influence sales.


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