Sweat your assets by using existing CCTV technology to monitor footfall and customer traffic analytics

Benefits of CCTV analytics

People counting and customer tracking technologies, and the footfall data sets generated allow businesses to measure their opportunity and predict as well as to react accordingly. Do you know how many customers are browsing your window?  How many walk away and don’t enter your store? By analysing these numbers and integrating them into your BI tool you can now really count your true lost opportunities and the true revenue of a customer.

By integrating people counting data and matching resources to the opportunity, in the areas of task & staff scheduling has proven time and time again to drive much higher sales conversions and revenues, increase basket size and improve customer service, which in turn leads to a strong increase in customer loyalty.

“It is difficult or even impossible to improve, the areas of a business where you don’t measure”.

If you are looking to understand the visitor opportunity better, measure the customers in-store experience or even just evaluate the unknown; our suite of innovative products, services and solutions allow businesses to optimise efficiencies in the areas of staff resourcing, customer queueing, customer service interaction and marketing activity analysis. 

In addition, the customer-centric people tracking solutions we provide, help improve operational efficiency and strengthen business profitability. 

From capturing and measuring retail pedestrian traffic flows, preventing customer queuing bottlenecks, observing and reporting customer pathways and zone measurement, measuring customer service activity, and managing complex data integration and in-store applications or promotions.

Our Mission: is to enable your business to leverage footfall traffic, labour and sales data; optimise marketing and operational effectiveness and enable the customer experience to be at the forefront of your customer’s journey.

Many of our clients refer to businesses like ours as providers of: Door counters or counters for shops, visitor counters, retail people counting, person counters or even shopper tracking. Whichever way you describe our business, we provide location analytics for businesses that improve performance and profitability. But we’re not just that!  Facit has a proven track record in a wide variety of industries. Have a look or get in touch at https://www.facitdatasystems.com/video-data-analytics-count-visitors-shoppers-peoplecounter/

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