Identity Cloak makes GDPR privacy compliance simple and cost effective.

This fifteen minute webinar will cover key points surrounding GDPR CCTV and bodycam compliance. The ICO has started to prosecute companies for ‘failure to redact’ and smart operators and CDOs are looking for ways to meet their privacy obligations, with assured legality, within tight deadlines and, of course, cost effectively. Chris Selwood is working with commercial and government organisations to enable them to meet requests for video in a compliant manner and to fulfil subject access requests while protecting the identity of all but the ‘subject’. Chris will demonstrate how it is possible to take fast, simple, in-house control of video redaction, and answer any questions you may have about video compliance challenges in your organisation or sector. Register for this webinar using the form below.
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Chris Selwood – Sales Director

Chris has nearly 20 years of experience delivering front line queue management and people counting solutions for international brands. Delivering solutions to organisations in Public, Finance, Retail and Health. Building long term partnerships with customers delivering real value to their organisations

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