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Retail Analytics Solutions + Redaction

Retailers know their business, their products, their stores and their customers, but are always hungry for more intelligence about market changes, customer behaviour and emerging trends. Retail is one of the most established commercial sectors; it is also one of the most competitive and among the fastest changing.

Facit is a specialist technology company that helps retailers generate intelligence to create competitive advantage, build customer satisfaction and optimise sales. Our suite of in-store analytics solutions provides you with easy-to-understand insights into your customers' behaviour, needs and preferences.

In response to demand, Facit developed Identity Cloak to enable customers to comply with regulations such as GDPR. For any high-footfall operation that generates significant video footage, it is essential to be able to store and share video in a compliant manner. Identify Cloak is super fast, cost effective video redaction software for in-house use.


Facit PeopleCounter provides a precise measure of footfall in retail stores and is a cost-effective solution that is easily deployed across your existing CCTV video surveillance network.

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Facit QueueManager automatically calculates the occupancy level at retail store tills, to ensure optimum customer till flow efficiency and provide full resource management control throughout the day.

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Facit HeatMap identifies hot spots of activity in your store. Providing insight into the places where customers are most likely to dwell and buy, helping you to create a better shopping experience and influence sales.

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Identity Cloak

Facit Identity Cloak provides speedy in-house auto video redaction to make compliance simple and cost effective. Eliminate costly outsourced editing and manual processes typical of other masking software

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Existing CCTV integration

Unlike other people counting solutions our innovative software doesn't require specific camera hardware to work. Our software works with any pre-installed camera, irrespective of its type and location.

Simple to use

The PeopleCounter has an easy-to-use reporting interface that easily monitors in store occupancy across multiple locations providing management with real-time customer numbers.

Sales insights

Understand regional performance, customer behaviour and trends. Aside from conversion rate analysis, you can use PeopleCounter to allocate resources and assess the impact of visual promotions.



Proactive management

Facit has developed QueueManager so that retailers can take a proactive approach to resource management and customer satisfaction. When queue times exceed pre-set thresholds, an alert is sent to managers who, armed with this real-time knowledge, can make informed decisions about potential abandonment, allocate more staff to checkouts and directly influence sales.

Cost effective install

QueueManager is an extremely cost effective solution that slots into your existing CCTV infrastructure. It works across many retail environments in which queues can form and build up suddenly. The ability to track the ebb and flow of people and manage the potential damaging effects of bottlenecks, gives retailer an operational advantage.

Customer loyalty

One of the major advantages of QueueManager is that it can help to ensure that customers have a pleasant shopping experience, which comes under threat when their patience is tested. The good work achieved through product selection, pricing and store layout, can be undermined if an outlet develops a reputation for checkout delays.



Customer dwell time

Unlike conventional heat maps which provide information based on the time customers spend in store, Facit HeatMap combines the dwell time information with customer spread, producing a better understanding of customer behaviour.

Traffic count

Our system provides detail on how many people visited all specific areas across your entire retail space and over any specified time period. This information can help build a time profile and intelligence about popularity, stock control or sales staff allocation.

Journey mapping

We highlight the most popular paths customers take through your retail space. Visually rich, graphical reports provide an excellent breakdown of key locations and customer routes through your store.

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