People Counter

Occupancy software to determine real-time, accurate headcounts of people in your building or venue. Use next generation People Counter software to monitor and manage the occupancy levels in your retail store, museum, healthcare facility or tourist venue. Create a safe environment, then add visitor analytics for even more sales insight. Facit’s People Counting application plugs simply into your installed CCTV and gives you accurate footfall records. Retail environments and public spaces are busy places in which it is difficult to track precise occupancy or visitor numbers that provide valuable insight into visitor dwell times, seasonal patterns or the influence of promotions and any other factors.

Covid-19 businesses re-opening: Get your business moving and comply with guidelines
The dual benefit of next generation People Counter is that you can maintain the optimum number of people in your building to make the most of sales opportunities, and demonstrate compliance with guidelines.

People Counter enables retailers and venue operators to measure occupancy numbers from the start of a customer’s journey, track customer trends, and monitor potential health and safety management issues, such as occupancy issues that breach social distancing guidelines.

People Counter works over your installed CCTV cameras, with no additional hardware requirements. Following no-nonsense installation the People Counter algorithm provides a completely reliable real-time record of customers, staff and visitors in your building.

To maximise your customer flow when managing social distancing in compliance with Covid-19 guidelines, with a verified headcount, you can introduce a clear ‘Stop’ Go’ traffic light system to admit people to your premises when it is safe to do so… and free staff from ushering duties to work on higher value tasks.

People Counter helps with planning and resourcing, regulatory compliance, and daily and seasonal trend analysis.

People Counter Key Features


Accurate Occupancy Counting

Occupancy software People Counter has been proven in different environments, from shops to train stations. Using legacy CCTV networks, People Counter provides users with a flexible software solution to achieve benefits from customer insight to health and safety occupancy management during the period of Covid-19 distancing guidelines.


Group vs Single Visitor Analysis

Group vs Single Visitor analysis helps to understand visitor footfall better to gain insight into sales conversion rates. Next generation occupancy software benefits. People Counter is not restricted to monitoring small areas such as single doors. You are free to capture wider angles within the field of view in order to gather even more occupancy intelligence.


Average Dwell Time

Average visitor dwell time analysis help users to understand the amount of time visitors spend in store and/or in key venue locations. Dwell time data can subsequently be combined with the Facit Queue Management application to improve sales effectiveness, enhance customer service, reduce waiting times, and optimise staff resources.


Point of Sales (PoS) Integration

The next generation Facit People Counter Occupancy measurement application can be integrated with any Point of Sale (PoS) data feed to provide insights into conversion rates for retail businesses, museums, tourist attraction, healthcare facility, transport hub, or any other high footfall location.

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We can help you achieve more with your CCTV cameras; Retailers, venue operators and public space managers know their business, however, our full video anayltics suite including QueueManager and HeatMap can give you all the data you need … including occupancy numbers to manage Covid-19 distancing.

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