Queue Management Software

Queue management software system

Admission points, venue lines, checkouts and till areas are important to business operations, people flow, efficient resourcing and a positive venue and/or retail experience. Queues are often where customer loyalty or visitor referrals are won or lost. Facit’s Queue management software system works over your CCTV system to reduce abandonment and poor feedback, and to create better, cost-effective queue management.

Retailers and venue operators use Facit’s Queue Manager to staff busy pinch-points to reduce the risk of dissatisfied customers, and to avoid over-staffing in free-flowing areas.

Waiting times and queue length are major factors in the retail and/or visitor experience as they affect customer satisfaction, staff productivity, sales and profit margins.

Queue Manager software incorporates a unique methodology that enables venue operators and retailers to monitor operations, calculate the impact of queue times and to take timely action to reduce dissatisfaction.

Queue management is a set of principles aimed at controlling customer flow and streamlining the queuing experience. Although usually we only take into account the effects of long queues on regular visitors, everybody — from customers to manager and top-level administration — benefits from effective queue management.

Facit integrates queue management software cost-effectively with your CCTV camera network. When predetermined queue levels are exceeded, a text, email or alert is sent to managers using the system. With real-time information to hand, staff can make informed decisions, allocate more staff to pinch-points – or even close non-productive tills or gates – and, thereby, directly influence sales and customer satisfaction.

Facit’s queue management system (QMS) is analyses visitor flow. Ideally, a queue management system prevents the formation of queues deemed too lengthy; or conversely, a queue management system helps operators to reduce staff headcount at locations that have acceptable through-flow.

Facit’s queue management system is aligned to some CRM functions. Joining a queue is one of the first parts of a customer’s interaction with a business. By taking care of this interaction, queue management overlaps with the goals of good customer service.

An effective queue management system optimises customer experience.

Queue Manager Key Features

  • 1

    Live Queue Management Alerts

    Facit''s Queue Management system generates live alerts based on the number of customers or visitors waiting in a queue and the duration of their wait.

  • 2

    Improve Customer Queuing Experience

    Queue Manager software facilitates the live display of expected waiting times for improved customer shopping or venue visitor experience.

  • 3

    Queue Manager for Staff Management

    Closing checkouts or 'gates', and reducing wasteful staff costs, is as important as opening new checkouts or access routes. Identify peak/off-peak queuing times for better staff allocation and management.

  • 4

    Queue Manager Predictive Alerts

    With Queue Manager software, machine learning and AI-based data modelling techniques predict queue times and indicate optimum staff resourcing.

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